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Do you know what the World Health Organisation is up to and how it affects you?

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Why we must reject the Amendments to the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) International Health Regulations (IHR).

You and your family will be told what you can and can't do. Where you can and can't go and what you have to put into your bodies.

Our government is planning to approve changes that mean you and your loved ones will:

  • Permanently lose your right to make decisions about your own life and the life of your loved ones.
  • Have decisions about your children's welfare and health made by unelected bureaucrats, not you!
  • No longer be entitled to basic human rights, fundamental freedoms and free speech.
  • Be forced to take whatever medical procedure is prescribed, not by your doctor, but by overseas bureaucrats - including mandatory "vaccinations".
Yes folks... this is for real!
Why you should care...
Loss of Democracy

The W.H.O. has been infiltrated by self-interested billionaires and pharmaceutical companies that exert substantial influence over W.H.O. decisions. Through “One Health” they seek to control our entire environment.

Overreach & Control

These powers will include pandemics and "potential pandemics" as declared solely by the W.H.O. Director General without substantive proof. Directives will be legally binding and they include detention, surveillance and censorship.

Loss of Human Rights

Why would they strike out the clause "with full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons"? These changes remove bodily autonomy for the whole population, including our children.

Consider these potential implications

Economic Burden:

Imagine Australia having to pay our share of a whopping $30 billion to the W.H.O. annually – which is more than 5 times their current budget. This is additional to uncosted funding for “health products” as directed. This isn't good news for everyday Australians. This will lead to higher taxes, reduced public services like hospitals, and destroy quality of life for Australians.

Animal Welfare and Climate Impact:

The W.H.O.'s "One Health" plan gives them the power to make decisions about our animals. They might even have the authority to destroy animals if they think they're causing climate change or spreading diseases. This could potentially have terrible consequences for our farming or domestic animals. Climate lockdowns are a possibility under One Health.

Travel Restrictions:

The W.H.O. wants to introduce health certificates/passports for international travel. This could limit our freedoms and ability to travel, creating a two-tiered society where those deemed "compliant" enjoy unrestricted travel, while others will be grounded.

Please, listen to this 1 minute summation of what is in store for Australians
"The proposed new powers sought by the W.H.O, and the pandemic preparedness industry being built around it, are not hidden. The people who will become subject to these powers, and the policiticians who are on track to cede them, should start paying attention. We must all decide whether we wish to cede so easily what it has taken centuries to gain, to assuage the greed of others."
- Dr David Bell, Senior Scholar at Brownstone Institute and former W.H.O. employee.
Do you think our government will protect us?

Our government has been bamboozled by the complex web being pushed by the W.H.O. under the guise of "One Health". A lot of politicians don't event realise that our government will not get to vote on these amendments. As long as we remain a W.H.O. Member Nation State, these rights will simply be gone - unless our government rejects them in writing.

Australians! Do not be complacent.
We must say NO, loud and clear!

Please help us save this wonderful country for our children.

Unlike our forebears, we are not asking you to fight in the trenches. We are asking you to write to your representatives and help share this information far and wide.

Take action today!

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